San Diego Investments Advisor

Your investment portfolio represents a lifetime of effort and savings. That is why it is more important than ever to not only be able to grow your wealth, but to also protect it. Our San Diego investments advisor achieves this by using unique investment strategies that take advantage of the wisdom of crowds and long term market trends to enable clients to participate in broad advances in the market and protect them during the inevitable downturns.

We provide customized portfolio management for stock and bond portfolios and take the following steps to help maximize your wealth and reduce unnecessary risks:

  * Asset allocation to take advantage of changing market conditions
  * Diversification to reduce the risk of concentrated losses
  * Risk management to help protect against large declines in the market
  * Tax-Loss Harvesting to help keep taxes low
  * Options strategies to reduce risk and increase income

We also recognize the over 100 years of evidence that a trend following approach provides when it comes to helping protect one’s wealth from significant losses. We, therefore, incorporate it into our investment strategy to help protect gains while eliminating behavioral biases that investors often make that can hurt investment returns.

To demonstrate how such an approach has fared in the past, the following are simulated results of $10,000 invested in our Relative Risk Model, from January 1994 to September 30, 2015. The model allocates between stocks and bonds, depending on the changing risks of each asset class:


San Diego Investments Advisor

The model succeeds because it actively participates only in markets that have favorable risk profiles and does not hesitate to take protective measures to ensure the preservation of capital. This model achieves the objective of growing and protecting wealth by adding a prudent defensive strategy to the investment process.

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