Our Financial Services

We provide investment and financial services to a broad range of clients for various account types, including taxable accounts, individual retirement accounts (IRAs, Rollover IRAs, SEP IRAs, Inherited IRAs), and trusts.

All these services are already included within the asset management fee of 1.0% for qualifying client accounts (minimum of $100,000):

1. Customized Portfolio Management for Stock and Bond Portfolios:

  • Asset allocation to take advantage of changing market conditions
  • Diversification to reduce the risk of concentrated losses
  • Risk management to help protect against large declines in the market
  • Tax-Loss Harvesting to help keep taxes low
  • Options strategies to reduce risk and increase income

2. Complimentary Financial Planning ($1,000 value): Many people have just a vague idea of how much they should be spending and saving to be on track for their retirement, and for most people, they don’t even think about it until retirement is visibly on the horizon. Our philosophy is, the earlier you know, the easier it will be to make the small adjustments to your daily habits to ensure a secure future:

financial services

We can create a financial plan for you so you have a detailed road map for where you will be financially X-number of years in the future with a high degree of certainty. We use MoneyGuidePro, which is one of the most widely used programs by Certified Financial Planners to help clients establish long-range financial forecasts with a higher degree of success. Watch this brief video below to see how MoneyGuidePro can be used to put you on the right track for your retirement and feel prepared:

3. Complimentary Account Aggregation: see all your accounts (401(k)s, IRAs, checking/savings, mortgage, etc) in one place using Blueleaf, regardless of financial institution, so you can see your entire picture of wealth in one place and how you’re moving toward your financial goals.

Please contact us for more details: (619) 888-4070.