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At Parabolic Asset Management, our goal is to grow and protect your wealth. We do this by using unique asset allocation strategies that take advantage of the wisdom of crowds to enable clients to participate in broad advances in the market and protect them during the inevitable downturns.

Our clients benefit from 25 years of traditional and hedge fund investment management experience. Parabolic Asset Management is led by Rainier Trinidad, a CFA Charterholder who has the distinction of being one of the few investment managers to profitably navigate through the 2008 Financial Crisis and was a top 20 finisher in the 2022 US Investing Championships with a positive return. We are a Fee Only advisor held to the Fiduciary Standard, accept no third-party incentives to help maintain objectivity, and seek the lowest-cost solutions to help you meet your investment goals. We also provide financial planning services to help clients forecast and increase their probability of having a successful and lasting retirement.
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Financial Planning

What if you could see the future?


Fiduciary Advisor

Your best interests come first.



A process to grow and protect your wealth.

Fee-Only. Fiduciary. Cost-Effective.
  • Experienced: 25 years of experience, spanning four bull markets and three bear markets.
  • No Conflicts Of Interest: You get unbiased advice because we don’t sell commissioned products. Fee is 1% of AUM (>learn more).
  • Your Interests Come First: We are held to the Fiduciary Standard, not the Suitability Standard.
  • Avoid High Expenses: Index funds have up to 90% lower fees than actively-managed mutual funds and outperform them over the long term. Don’t own them? You may be paying too much.
  • Held to the CFA Code of Ethics: Our firm believes in operating with integrity and abiding by the highest ethical and professional standards in the industry.